SAM – Smart Assistant Monitor (for people with hearing impairements)

SAM Smart Assistant Monitor

SAM is a driving assistance solution enabling communication with passenger thanks to Pimas voice recognition system as well as detection and localization of emergency vehicles and horns. This visual device, placed in the driver’s field of vision, facilitates communication while driving. Using voice recognition and microphones placed inside the vehicle, SAM recognizes over 150 […]

Citroën AMI: AMI For All, an Electric Mobility Solution for Everyone

In collaboration with PIMAS, Citroën unveiled a prototype of the Citroën AMI at the Autonomic 2023 exhibition, named AMI FOR ALL. This new version of the latest star from the Stellantis group aims to provide additional mobility for people with reduced mobility (PRM), especially paraplegic individuals. Indeed, the car incorporates functional mechanical adaptations that make […]