Our Know-How

Designer-Integrator of E-Smart Solutions :
At the service of mobility

At PIMAS, our engineers work every day to provide  electronic innovative solutions (installation friendly, respectul of the intregrity of the car, reversibility …).

We work closely with major partners in the automotive industry to offer our solutions on a wider range of vehicles. We are committed to providing you with solutions that comply with high performance standards (iso 26262), reliable and secure for the adaptation and fitting of mobility adaptations and driving school conversion.

plug and play


Keeps car intregrity 

Car models


Research & Development :
Intern Laboratory in Automotive Electronic Expertise

At your service :

Our team of highly qualified engineers is ready to take on any technical challenge. Their skills and expertise in automotive field ensure your project is in good hands.

Our skilled technicians are the backbone of our team. They ensure precise implementation of designs, rigorous testing, and quick issue resolution to deliver reliable solutions.

Our experienced mechanical consultant brings a strategic vision to your projects. Their expertise ensures well-thought-out solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Hardware conception
  • Software conception
  • Mecatronic & mecanical conception
  • Development of test benches
  • Creation of production documentation according ISO processes
  • Creation of technical documentation for support purposes
  • Homologation (ECE R10, RED,…)