Innovative Mobility Driving Aids &
Automotive Solutions

Automotive mobility solutions for 45 years

For 45 years, Pimas has been creating & developing driving aids solutions and products for people with restricted mobility with the approval of major OEM. From standardization to customized adjustments, Pimas meets all requirements to provide comprehensive and reliable products.

Mobility Driving Solutions

Discover our innovative solutions designed with a user-centered approach to enhance your driving experience. Our innovations provide a unique ergonomic grip, making each journey more enjoyable and convenient.

Driving School

Equip your driving school vehicles with our customized solutions adapted to your needs and those of your students to ensure high-quality training

Multi-Use Electronic Interfaces

Let’s use our multi-purpose CAN/LIN/ANALOG Control boxes and adapt them to your needs. Discover our adaptation kits that allow you to easily manage the electrical functionalities of your equipment. Simplify your connections and take full advantage of our innovative interfacing solutions for an optimal experience.

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Our products meet regulatory standards and undergo rigorous testing in accordance with the most stringent automotive norms, such as ISO 26262 for functional safety.

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Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. Listening to the market, we create innovative products, considering innovation through usage.





At Pimas, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We take pride in our commitment to providing high quality products and services to our customers worldwide.


We create precise and reliable electronics compatible with the latest multiplexing technologies.
We ensure that all our products are beeing homologated and tested before delivery.


The products manufactured by PIMAS have been designed according to specifications that include essential aspects such as safety, performance, comfort, and ingenuity, ensuring their exceptional quality.


Every day our team works on product compatibility with the latest car models of the market by adapting our software versions to the vehicle specific communication protocols.
Our programmation tools are easy to use for a quick and safe installation.

Made In France

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We strive to produce the majority of our products in France, with a special focus on sourcing locally in our Rhône-Alpes region. By selecting regional suppliers offering top-tier equipment, we highlight our commitment to quality. Each supplier is carefully chosen based on stringent criteria, ensuring first-rate products entirely designed and manufactured in France.