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Citroën AMI: AMI For All, an Electric Mobility Solution for Everyone

In collaboration with PIMAS, Citroën unveiled a prototype of the Citroën AMI at the Autonomic 2023 exhibition, named AMI FOR ALL. This new version of the latest star from the Stellantis group aims to provide additional mobility for people with reduced mobility (PRM), especially paraplegic individuals. Indeed, the car incorporates functional mechanical adaptations that make it easier to board, store a wheelchair, and drive.

Citroën AMI: A format that perfectly suits both young and PWD

With ‘Ami for All,’ Citroën provides a solution that restores independence to those who have lost it through the Citroën Ami, an affordable electric mobility solution that does not require a driver’s license. This initiative offers them an easy way to lead an active life and socialize without relying on a third person for assistance.

The Citroën Ami presents itself as the ideal tool to improve daily life and increase autonomy. It promotes active mobility for persons with reduced mobility while maintaining a controlled budget, thus avoiding the constraints and complexities associated with adapted transport (TAP) or public transportation. Thanks to it, it is possible to remain an active participant in one’s mobility and enjoy direct autonomy.

A compact format that fits perfectly

Thanks to its compact format, the Citroën Ami for All stands out with its agility and ease of parking. Its small footprint provides generous space for wheelchair-related maneuvers. Furthermore, its optimized height facilitates boarding. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a range of 75 km, it perfectly meets everyday needs. Its stability and closed structure ensure increased safety and comfort.

Using the Ami for All is as simple as any other daily electric device. It doesn’t require a special charger, and recharging is quick and easy. The 5.5 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, located flat under the floor, can be easily recharged via the onboard electric cable at the passenger-side door entry. Once the cable is plugged in, it takes less than 4 hours for a full charge on a standard 220 V outlet. The adaptation for persons with reduced mobility in the Citroën Ami is standardized and can be easily installed, regardless of the version chosen by the customer.

A Natural Partnership

The arrangement of the Ami for All has drawn inspiration from the pragmatic and ingenious spirit of the Ami, avoiding any unnecessary elements. It has been specifically designed to facilitate vehicle access and driving for individuals with leg disabilities.

Boarding accessibility has been redesigned, with modifications to the driver’s door, integrated transfer aids, the relocation of accelerator and brake controls to hand level, as well as an adaptation of the interior space to accommodate a disassembled wheelchair. The Citroën Ami thus proves to be a particularly compelling solution in terms of onboard accessibility.

Transfer in the Citroën AMI

The Citroën Ami facilitates entry and exit with its wide, opposing driver-side door. The hinge angle of the door has been increased to allow the user to position their wheelchair parallel to the threshold of the cabin once the driver’s door is open.

To facilitate independent transfer from the wheelchair to the driver’s seat, a removable and retractable manual transfer board is deployed. Using a strap fixed in the upper part of the interior door frame, the user can move from their wheelchair to the driver’s seat. This operation takes only a few minutes.

Driving aids

Once on board and ready to hit the road, the Citroën Ami driver has a steering wheel knob that provides easy grip, allowing them to enjoy the vehicle’s excellent maneuverability. To replace the conventional pedal system of the 6 kW electric motor, an intuitive mechanical lever has been added. Simply pull or push it to manually control the accelerator and brake pedal. It’s important to note that the pedal system remains functional.

Wheelchair transport

Two solutions are available for transporting the wheelchair.

Interior of the Citroën AMI for All

It is possible to place the wheelchair in the passenger area using the ample storage space located in front of the passenger seat in the Citroën Ami. The driver can then disassemble the wheelchair’s wheels and secure them in the designated cavity using a specially designed strap. The wheels fit perfectly into this storage space.

The folded wheelchair can be positioned on the passenger seat, where it is secured with an additional and specific seatbelt. This configuration enables drivers with disabilities to be self-sufficient during all their journeys.”

Outside the Citroën AMI for All

If a passenger accompanies the driver, the wheelchair can be easily positioned on an aluminum ramp dedicated to the rear of the Citroën Ami. It is the passenger who will take care of installing the wheelchair, which will then be covered with a protective tarpaulin. This arrangement completely frees up the passenger space inside the cabin.

The Commercialization of the Citroën AMI For All

The Citroën AMI For All, although not yet commercially available to date, was presented to the general public from June 6 to 8, 2023, during the Autonomic exhibition held at the Paris Expo exhibition center, Porte de Versailles in Paris. We were also present at this event to showcase our various mobility assistance solutions for all.