Intuitive secondary steering control

For an ergonomic use and smart connection

The Intuitiv-E remote control handset is the result of years of research into ergonomics in driving situations with clients and professionnals. The handset is very interesting to hold, as the driver spontaneously finds the right ergonomics. Intuitive thanks to its lever control (joystick), the thumb is naturally placed over it, allowing an easy memorization of the functions. The Intuitiv-E operate until 12 functions : indicators, horn, front wipers (intermitent low and high speed), rear wiper, front and rear washers, low beam, high beam, flash headlights.

The Intuitiv-E allows, through its direct functions, to be very effective in delicate situations such as roundabouts, tight turns, lane changes. The Intuitiv-E allows you to stay focused without ever taking your eyes off the road ahead. When driving at night it becomes an asset for safety, because the absence of a keyboard with remote controls allows intuitively to operate the desired control.

A battery  with long lastin g life is placed in the handset (1600 hours) and esaily accessible to be exchanged with one hand.

The Intuitiv-E set can be separated from the steering wheel simply for driving without the remote control handset, only the adapter placed on the steering wheel remains.

We strive for quality :
Our company and our products meet high quality standards in the automotive industry
  • 12 multifunctions
  • Radio operated
  • Intuitive use
  • Right and Left adapted
  • Automatic Reurn of Indicators
  • Ergonomic Handholding & Soft Touch Coating
  • Easy Access to the battery (one hand)
  • Long battery life (1600 hours)
  • Removable
  • Compatible with Car Steering Wheel Bulge (Adjustable Steering Adapter)
  • Option : Automatic lights System (ALS)
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