CAN-LIN Bus Interfaces

E-Smart Connect Interfaces
CAN -LIN Bus Interfaces


Our E-Smart Connect interfaces have been developped in order to install our secondary controls easily and quickly  in the car respecting the integrity of it.


Our solution allow a full reversibility of the conversion. Depending on the technology of the original vehicles, our E-Smart Connect is available to be use on CAN – LIN Bus technology  or non multiplex cars.


Depending on original connnectors used on the cars, we supply harnesses 100% Plug & Run or harnesses Semi Plug & Run in the case the original connectors are not available in the market which allow a 100% reversibility of the original functions.

We strive for quality :
Our company and our products meet high quality standards in the automotive industry

PFM-BUS (Modular Platform)


+12V Permanent

+12V CAN

+12V LIN

Communication with the PC

USB alimenté en +5V du PC


2 CAN HS (High-Speed) or CAN FT (Fault-Tolerent) ou CAN FD (Flexible Data rate)

2 CAN SW (Single wire)

2 LIN Master

2 LIN Slave

1 LIN Option

Inputs / Outputs

4 Relays (One relay with une PFM-BUS LITE)

4 optionals outputs 0-12V

3 analog inpurs (3.3V Max)

4 digital inputs

4 resistor switching outputs (except PFM-BUS LITE) : 3.1V, 1.91V, 1.15V, 0.52V

Radio 2.4GHz